Edicate’s core value is to make details in perfection. This core value is in consistence with the awareness of protecting our planet along the production line. We feel that we have the responsibility of creating a green future for our next generation. Water usage, electricity saving, product wastage management, and business trips often play the main part of greenhouse gases.

The amount of clothes bought in the EU per person has increased by 40 % in just a few decades, driven by a fall in prices and the increased speed with which fashion is delivered to consumers. Clothing accounts for between 2 % and 10 % of the environmental impact of EU consumption. This impact is often felt in third countries, as most production takes place abroad. The production of raw materials, spinning them into fibre, weaving fabrics and dyeing require enormous amounts of water and chemicals, including pesticides for growing raw materials such as cotton. Consumer use also has a large environmental footprint due to the water, energy and chemicals used in washing, tumble drying and ironing, as well as to microplastics shed into the environment. Less than half of used clothes are collected for reuse or recycling when they are no longer needed, and only 1 % are recycled into new clothes, since technologies that would enable recycling clothes into virgin fibres are only starting to emerge.

Our mission? We are ambitus to cut our CO2 emission by 2%-5% annually. We will apply the measurement method that is established by LCMP program from WWF. Its method helps us to monitor our emission along the production line. It focuses on the category as below:

Water Consumption: by the measuring the water extract annually

Electricity usage: The amount of Electricity that we use for the same amount of production annually.

CO2 measurement: the amount of the Co2 that emits from the production annually.

Moreover, we also offer many sustainable products that are made from recycle materials and it helps to create less hazardous sustains to this planet. For more information please visit our sustainable products.